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Tech Tip: Gmail Changes in February (and Bonus Tips)

Your Gmail may look a little different the next time you're checking your email. Google is rolling out a layout that will make it easier to access apps that can be used within Gmail, including Meet (videoconferencing) and Chat (instant messaging). Take a look at the new layout and features.

If you've been meaning to learn some new Gmail features to improve your productivity, we're happy to help you with a 1:1 Tech Help session.

Google Calendar Tip:

Do you need to schedule uninterrupted time to focus on a project? Google Calendar's aptly named Focus Time feature can help.

Create a new event in your Google Calendar and select Focus Time from the top menu under your event title.

You can now select the "Automatically decline meetings" option to stop other meeting requests or Google Meet pop-ups from interrupting your workflow.

Google Apps Icon Tip:

You don't have to scroll through the whole grid of apps in the Google icon menu to find the ones you use most often. You can click, drag and drop the apps in any order you prefer. No more scrolling around for your Calendar or your Meet!

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