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Sensational seeds week - nasturtiums

Our seed library is opening this Friday Feb 18th! To prepare, we've enlisted the help of our friends at the East Gwillimbury Gardeners to give us their picks of favourite things to grow.

Today, we have the President of the East Gwillimbury Gardeners, Brenda's pick: Nasturtiums.

"There are some flowers in the garden that I consider to be 'happy flowers'.

Nasturtiums have always seemed like a happy flower to me, they make me smile at any rate with their lovely bright colours and large leaves. You can also eat them in a salad. The leaves are quite spicy but the flowers are milder and quite pleasant.

Seeds can be sown directly into the garden once danger of frost has passed. They like a poorer soil; if it is too rich you will get mostly leaves and no flowers. Water seeds well until and after they have sprouted. Once they are grown to a decent size, they are fairly drought tolerant but will do better with a weekly watering."

The Seed Library was developed in partnership with the East Gwillimbury Public Library and East Gwillimbury Gardeners with the goal of supporting food literacy and to promote a love of gardening and our natural environment. The Seed Library can be found in the Holland Landing Library Branch and is free to to access with an EGPL Library card. For more info visit our website!

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