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Out on Display: Displays in the Library

Welcome back to Beyond the Desk!

If you’ve visited one of our branches in person, you’ve probably noticed some of the many displays we have up around the library. Sometimes they’re in the window, or on a wall, but often they are created on the bookshelves themselves! These displays are a fun way for us to stretch some of our creative muscles, while sharing with you some of the incredible books available for borrowing in the collection.

Displays are often themed, but certainly do not have to be! Sometimes we select books because they look interesting and display them at the end of the row of books, or inside the shelves.

One of our favorite displays to create and update are our New Book displays. Here, you can see a picture of one new book display in our Mount Albert branch! We try to design displays so not only are they visually interesting, but so you can easily pick out which books are being showcased—just in case something catches your eye while browsing.

Another fun way we’ve tried to create displays amidst varying pandemic restrictions is digitally! These might not be traditional displays, with books on shelves and walls for you to peruse, but they perform all the same functions.

We’ve used Book Walk and Talks with Ms. Mary Ann, for example, as well as Instagram reels to showcase more specifically themed groups of books. Check them out by visiting us on Instagram @eg_public_library!

Now that we’ve shared some of our past displays and the how and why for creating them, we want to hear from you! What are some displays you’d like to see someday in the library or online?

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