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Non-Book Collection Items @ Your Library

Nothing can beat the feeling of coming into the library to find the perfect book. But did you know that we have lots of items other than books that you can share with the children in your life? Let us show you some of the newer non book items that we have included in our collection, which you can freely borrow with your library card!

Figure 1: Sensory kit items inside their bin.

For our littlest learners, we have four sensory kits available, with two in Holland Landing and two in Mount Albert. The kits come with four stacking mirrored donuts, perfect for rolling or stacking. Additionally, there are sensory balls which encourages both fine and gross motor play. Lastly, it also has a wooden shaker are intended for little hands to grasp and shake along with favorite songs and rhymes.

Figure 2: Immersive Reality book and accompanying headset.

Did you ever wish when you were reading about a place, you could actually go visit it? Well, now you can! While learning about topics such as the Earth in space, Great White Sharks, or China, you can borrow an Immersive Reality headset which helps bring the learning to life! This resource is intended for children from grades 3 to 7.

Figure 3: A large floor puzzle with an underwater theme.

If they need help stretching their visual-spatial skills, we also have a good selection of puzzles from which to choose. We have ones that help to teach the alphabet such as this Peg and Chunky puzzle, or a giant Underwater Floor Puzzle, which assists with matching, sorting, and problem solving capabilities.

Figure 4: Literacy kit with books and a puppet on the theme of food.

Is your little one obsessed with things that move, or wants to learn to cook their own food? If so, then we also have literacy kits, designed to pique their interest on certain engaging topics. We also have literacy kits on certain subjects, such as transportation or food. Many books are included on that topic, as well as additional materials such as songs, rhymes and games, or a puppet for imaginary play.

Which non-book item do you and your family like the best? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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