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Read From Local Authors

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

EDIT: For an updated copy of this Book List, go to our catalogue!

Some top picks from local East Gwillimbury authors covering all ages from children to adults, with options in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

1. Brian the Brain: Head Space by Jenny Mouse

2. The Big Bad Bug by Megan Krim

3. A Shadow in Time by Heather Lynn

4. One Million-Zillion Snowflakes by Mickey Eves

5. The Burning Alphabet by Barry Dempster

6. Turning Clouds Inside Out: A Country Woman's Life in the Twentieth Century: A Biography by Catherine Ashton

7. The Last Pages by Lara Whatley

8. Fire and Brimstone by Barry Dempster

9. The Kitchen Table Cookbook: Easy Family Recipes From a Country Fair Ribbon Winner by Moira Sanders

10. Walking into Wilderness: The Toronto Carrying Place and Nine Mile Portage by Heather Robertson

11. Hawk by Jennifer Dance

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