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How do we do it? A Curbside BTS

Curbside pickup is one of those phrases that seems to have infiltrated the everyday lexicons of, well, everyone. Over the past year we’ve all learned how to adapt to this new delivery process, and have continued to find new ways to improve how we do things! The library is no exception. Curbside pickup has allowed us to keep bringing you library materials, even when our doors are shut to the public. So how exactly do we do it? The process can largely be broken down into three broad phases: 1) material selection and preparation, 2) pickup, and 3) returning and quarantining.

Material Selection and Preparation

The first stage in the process is where you select the materials you’d like to borrow from the library. This can be done through multiple avenues, such as:

· Placing holds through your online account

· Contacting your local branch and requesting holds

· Requesting a Book Bundle

Once you place a hold, we’ll find the requested materials (as soon as they’re available) and process them! The next morning, we’ll check the holds out to you to ensure the curbside pickup process is as contactless as possible, and then they’ll be ready for pickup!


When holds are ready for pickup, we’ll move them out to the lobby and arrange materials on a table where our greeter will be able to quickly collect and bring them out to you. You’ll approach the door and provide your last name, and we’ll bring the materials to the table in front of the door. From there, you can grab the materials and enjoy!

Returning and Quarantining

The final stage of the curbside process, returning and quarantining, allows us to begin the cycle all over again for the next people in line. After you return your materials in the drop box outside either branch, we will empty it the next day we are open, and place everything into quarantine for 72 hours. Following the completion of this quarantine period, we will then check the materials back in and they will be cleared from your account and either passed on to the next person in line or returned to their rightful place on the shelves. Then, the cycle repeats itself all over again!

As your library, we have been so appreciative of our community adapting to these changes with us! Thank you, and we will see you at the front door!

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