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Gaming in the Library: Minecraft and More!

Welcome back to Beyond the Desk: your own sneak peak into the world of your local library workers! Today I want to talk about something many people wouldn’t automatically associate with a public library: gaming!

Gaming in public libraries actually has an incredibly interesting (and somewhat scandalous) history. For example, did you know that at one point, people weren’t allowed to even play chess in many public libraries? It was seen as existing outside the mission of education and self-development, and therefore, not permissible on library grounds. How perspectives on chess have changed over the years! We now recognize there is so much value in learning the game, beyond the incredible entertainment it provides both casual and professional players.

Video gaming is experiencing a similar renaissance in public libraries: once viewed as unproductive and inappropriate library activities, more and more programming includes gaming and video games! Some libraries have even begun to build game collections, including video games for many popular consoles, as well as board games and table-top RPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons.

Here at the EGPL, we’ve found ways to incorporate gaming into our programming and collections through Minecraft! Minecraft provides a unique opportunity to gather virtually with other people and express yourself creatively, while also progressing towards self-determined or group-determined goals. We’ve included Minecraft materials into our print collection, and even have a regular Minecraft meetup that occurs on livestream from 4:30-5:30 p.m. It’s open to ages 6-12, and we’d love to have you swing by and create with us!

If there are games or gaming-related materials you’d like to see added to our programming and collections, let us know! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Resources and Further Reading:

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