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Explore Diversity and Inclusion with these Picture Books

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

EDIT: For an updated copy of this Book List, go to our catalogue!

These picture books are powerful tools that help celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the classroom and at home. Click on the image of the book or the title for a direct link to the book in our online catalogue:

Antiracist Baby - Ibram X. Kendi

Illustrations and rhyming text present nine steps Antiracist Baby can take to improve equity, such as opening our eyes to all skin colors and celebrating all our differences.

I Am Every Good Thing - Derrick Barnes

The confident Black narrator of this book is proud of everything that makes him who he is. He’s creative, adventurous, smart, funny, and a good friend. Sometimes he falls, but he always gets back up. And other times he’s afraid, because he’s so often misunderstood and called what he is not. When somebody tells you–and shows you–who they are. There are superheroes in our midst!

All Are Welcome - Alexandra Penfold

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text introduce a school where diversity is celebrated and songs, stories, and talents are shared.

Be You - Peter H. Reynolds

An inspirational celebration of individuality, persistence and staying true to you.

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners - Joanna Ho

A young Asian girl notices that her eyes look different from her peers'. They have big, round eyes and long lashes. She realizes that her eyes are like her mother's, her grandmother's, and her little sister's. They have eyes that kiss in the corners. This powerful, poetic picture book will resonate with readers of all ages.

Honeysmoke - Monique Fields

A young biracial girl searches for the perfect color word to describe herself.

Stolen Words - Melanie Florence

A look at the intergenerational impact of Canada's residential school system that separated Indigenous children from their families and the beautiful, healing relationship between a little girl and her grandfather.

My Friend! - Taye Diggs

Two best friends have each other's backs. When one friend sees the other doing something unkind, he steps in to show his friend the correct behavior.

Boys Dance - John Robert Allman

Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate boys who dance, from their very first day of stretching at the barre while dreaming of the exciting roles they might one day play.

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