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East Gwillimbury's Parks and Trails

The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) creates and maintains 41 recreational parks, 33 children’s playgrounds, five splash pads, three bike courses, two skate and scooter zones, 288 acres of parkland and approximately 32 kms of trails.

For more information on these amenities, you can visit the Parks and Trails page on the Town of East Gwillimbury’s webpage. Here you can browse through each Ward on our Parks page to find specific park amenity information within each Ward, or flip through our Trail Guide to learn more about trails near you. Stay tuned for an updated version of our Trails brochure, coming this year!

EG's parks and trails are a great place to enjoy the outdoors. It is important to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. Let us work together to keep EG's parks and trails clean and beautiful!

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