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A New Old East Gwillimbury Attraction Coming This Summer!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

This week, we welcome our community partner, The Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum, as our guest blogger.

The Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum is unveiling new themed tours this summer and we have the inside scoop! Four new tours for visitors to experience are making their way to the only museum in East Gwillimbury. Each new tour offers guests the experience to see the Temple, the 8 heritage buildings on site, and artifacts in a new way. Guests can choose between the Democracy and Community tour, the Arts and Music tour, the Architecture tour, or the Farming and Horticulture tour. Many people say they have lived in East Gwillimbury all their lives, and have never visited the Temple before. This summer is your chance to change that!

Guided tours are entering a new era. Follow a unique path around the 4.5 acres of parkland at the Temple, and listen to the rich history of the community of East Gwillimbury and the Children of Peace who helped found it. These new tours were specially created this winter with the community of East Gwillimbury in mind. They are designed to be unique, exciting and engaging for all audiences. Are you indecisive and can’t pick which tour to try? Try them all! Come back and experience a new tour every weekend. The Temple’s grounds are also the perfect place for you to enjoy a family picnic before or after a tour!

Designated in 1990, the Sharon Temple is one of the oldest National Historic Sites in Canada. Built in 1825, the Temple took seven years to be completed. It was used as a community meeting space for music, celebrations, and feasts. The Children of Peace community built the Temple, inspired architecturally by their love for music and pageantry. When you step inside the doors, you become aware of how impressive it was for them to build the Temple all those years ago.

Today the Sharon Temple still operates under the values of the Children of Peace; faith, love, hope, and charity. The Sharon Temple Museum Society continues the tradition of community outreach that was so integral to the Children of Peace by hosting summer camps for youth, as well as large scale community events with music, feasts, and political speeches. You can visit their website here to see all the upcoming events this summer, and to read all about the camps they offer!

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