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5 Projects Made at the Library with Cricut

If you've wondered what you can do with a Cricut, we'd like to share some recent customer projects made in the library to inspire you!

The Cricut is a digital cutting machine. You can get creative with its companion software for a tablet or computer, then cut with high precision. Materials you can use for a project include iron-on and sticker vinyl, paper, bondable fabrics and thin plastic sheets.

It's easy to get started with the Cricut! We offer one-on-one training sessions to help you get started so you can start on your own projects quickly.

What are people making at the Library with the Cricut? We've seen some great projects over the past couple months. We're sharing the top five projects we see to give you some ideas.

1. Customized gift items

People use Cricut to add a special touch to their gifts. Using the Cricut software, you can choose a font, type a name or phrase, and cut a sticker or iron-on to make a custom gift. We've seen sheets of iron-on designs for family T-shirts, and even this personalized lunch box!

2. Classroom or small business display boards

Teachers use the Library's Cricut to cut out customized paper shapes for their classroom bulletin boards. Small business owners cut out logo stickers or lettering for their craft show booths. In a few steps, you can upload a custom design and cut it into a sticker or a paper cutout. The Cricut makes short work of cutting multiples of the same shape.

3. Stencils for artwork

A local crafter created cardstock stencils with the Cricut to use in décor motifs featuring original artwork. Stencils are a great way to create an outline or background print for a painted project. If you want to create a stencil but you're not sure where to start, Cricut software has a range of existing designs for you to use and customize.

4. Custom vinyl stickers and window clings

The most common Cricut project we see is vinyl stickers. The popularity of rear window vinyl stickers and calligraphy wall art inspires people to create their own designs. This is a great starter project on the Cricut if you want to learn to use it, but don't have a specific project in mind.

5. Greeting cards and gift décor

The Cricut makes it easy to create handmade cards or gift décor like bows or stickers. We've seen beautiful cards made with Cricut templates and customized with names and messages. Did you know that the Cricut can write with a pen? It's a calligraphy shortcut to add a special touch.

We would love to get you started on your design journey with the Cricut! You can book a one-on-one training session or use the Cricut in the Library through our Makerspace page.

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