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3 Reasons Why You Should Try 3D Printing

It's pure fun to watch a 3D print happen! Kids and teens flock to our 3D design and printing programs to try a new technology. They love the possibilities of models to design or objects to download and print. Adults also love watching a 3D print unfold layer by layer, but there's always one question they ask:

"What would I ever do with a 3D printer?"

You don't realize how useful 3D printing can be until you start doing it. Here are three reasons why 3D printing is worth a try at your Library.

1. Print exactly what you need for repairs and DIYs.

If you need a small car part like a vent replacement, there are lots of models online to download and print. Do you have a favourite recipe you're making on repeat? Create and print a measuring spoon sized for that 1.5 tsps of special seasoning. Replace the missing pieces in your family's favourite board game.

2. Basic CAD skills are transferrable to your career.

CAD, or computer assisted design, is a key 3D printing skill that you can learn at your Library. CAD can help you develop prototypes or model new spaces even if you're not a designer. Basic CAD skills can help you create demonstration graphics in presentations and pitches.

3. Connect with a new, creative hobby.

If you love to tinker in the workshop or garage, 3D printing is a way to create new structures without huge costs. You can build models without paying for wood, metal or tools. 3D printing can be a compliment to your existing hobby. Build hinges and other small parts to your exact specifications.

Wondering where to start with 3D printing? The Library will offer demonstrations in both branches starting Fall 2021. You can sign up for our programs newsletter to see upcoming Makerspace programs here. Learn more about 3D printing and other Makerspace services here.

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